Weekend Finds: Stop and Smell the Roseville

This find just might be one of my most favorites. This weekend I found old games, vintage Christmas, and who knows what else, because all that my mind goes to is the pottery. I snagged Haeger, Red Wing and many unmarked pieces, but by far my favorites are these two Roseville vases. I am so happy to add them to my small collection. That is, if three pieces can be considered a collection?

First up is this lovely pink and green vase. The pattern, which is called Iris, was introduced in 1939. It does have a tiny chip along the base but believe me I couldn’t care less. I love it!

Roseville Iris Pattern

Roseville Iris

The second vase is my favorite of the two. It’s a gorgeous deep blue color. The pattern was introduced in 1938 and is called Fuchsia. It is in wonderful condition.



I have loved Roseville pottery for a long time. It seems all the flower patterns and art deco design attracts me to it. A few years ago I bought a small Roseville vase in the Bleeding Heart pattern from an antique show and I’m crazy thrilled to display these two vases with it. What a fun weekend of garage sales!

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