Weekend Finds: Sunday Morning Snag

So I woke up yesterday morning wishing there was a sale to go to. It was a good thing I decided to check Craigslist, because there was the sale I was looking for. The ad read, “75% off estate sale”. I’m usually a first day of the sale type of gal, but I was up for anything! The sale opened at 10am and my four-year old son and I pulled up right as the doors were opened. I was surprised to see there were at least ten people lined up outside the front door.

Here is a picture of the front door of the house.

Here is a picture of the front door of the house.

The house to my surprise was still full of items. On the way to the basement I was greeted by this wonderful light! Chills.

The lighting at the top of the basement stairs.

The lighting at the top of the basement stairs.

What was going to be in this basement? Well, lots—just not much for us. We did pick up a few small things but my favorite finds where in with a bunch of wrapping paper—three rolls of vintage wallpaper. I paid $0.30 for all of them.

The shiny gold foil with mushrooms is my favorite…

This really wild pattern…

And this crazy fruit pattern. Could you imagine this on your kitchen walls? Not me!

We found more than I was expecting and the workers were extremely friendly, making it fun for my son. They told me that the owner of the house had told them if there were children interested in things to just let them have it. Well my son walked around the house with a big smile on his face. I don’t expect for things to be given to my son but I told them thank you for making it such a great experience for him.

After we checked out I walked by this old statue in the front yard and decided to go back and ask if it was for sale. The lady said she hadn’t thought about selling it, but guessed she could sell it for $10.00. She insisted I would have a hard time lifting it and made me go out and lift it before I gave her the money for it. I do agree, it was crazy heavy, but if I want something, of course I will be able to lift it. She told me it had been sitting in that spot for at least thirty years. Now she’s looking adorable in my mother’s flowers.

She is covered with moss and chipped paint. Perfect!

It is always fun to go exploring!


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