Weekend Finds: The Drought Yields

I’m not going to lie, I just haven’t been finding much lately. Like nothing. Nothing at all. Perhaps it’s because of the premature arctic blast that keeps coming and going at will or the deep desire to organize the nonsensical chaos that my home has become, but I just haven’t been feelin’ it lately. And the few times I’ve ventured out I’ve come back empty handed. This weekend was a little different though. I went snagging with Angela and Tammy for the first time in a long time and I think we do better together.


My first find was this amazing pair of Italian enameled ash trays.


The colors are so interesting and I love the mix of gloss enamel and matte black. They’re labeled Vallenti, Italy but I couldn’t really pin down any information on the designer or maker. All I know is that they are amazing and I had to have them.

IMG_6474I also scored this cool footed pottery compote. The glazed design makes me think it may also be Italian, but the mark on the base is completely unintelligible.


Oddly, one of my favorite finds of the entire weekend was this trivet.


It’s just kind of weird and amazing. What do a rooster, a whale, a carousel horse and an indian have in common? I honestly have no idea other than they all landed on this trivet that I couldn’t say no to. The white glaze on red clay makes for a very interesting look.


The back side is almost as cool as the front. Despite the wealth of information displayed, I wasn’t able to find much information about it other than it came in a few other colors.


My last find of the day is admittedly a little out of edit for me, but I just thought they were kind of over-the-top fabulous. Striped silk upholstery, all that tufting, down cushions—you just feel stupid fancy when you sit in them and they’re surprisingly comfortable. I’ll be finding new homes for them, but I felt a responsibility to get them into the right hands.

Perhaps this means the drought is over? Maybe. But if it isn’t, at least these pieces can tide me over until the vintage rains come once again.

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