Weekend Finds: The Rust

So, I bought some rusty metal. What do ya think?

metal stuff

A few weeks back Austin and I had a morning filled with garage sales. Out of all of the sales, the first one was where we bought the most. The sale was in an old building but somehow I ended up in the garage where things had not yet been dragged out or priced for the sale and I hauled out this bunch of rusty junk. These pieces definitely have rust, giving them a look of age and charm. Every time I picked up an item I was given a $1.00 price. Score! How could I put it back? The stack of wire baskets was $1.00 for all! I was excited to find that two of them were old locker baskets.

aa metal baskets

I bought most of these items with a friend in mind, but I plan on keeping the Jack’s BBQ bucket. I love the graphics and I love the story. It was used in the garage I snagged it from. The original owner of the property had run a BBQ joint right out of his garage years ago. The large walk-in freezer is still in the back of the garage. The current owner had grown up next door and could remember Jack being up all night preparing the meat. He remembered as a child waking up early in the mornings to the smell of the cooking barbeque coming from this garage.

aa metal bucket 2


metal bucket

Aren’t the two handles just adorable?

The best part of going to garage sales is the crazy things you find. It’s definitely an adventure each time you walk up to one. Now to figure out what to do with all this rusty junk.

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