Weekend Finds: Vintage Christmas and Old Glass

I had a little luck this weekend at garage sales. My finds started with some old glass items. I spotted a cardboard box full of old insulators and almost passed them by until I saw they were priced at $0.10 each. So I dropped $0.50 and brought home these five.

photo (17)

At the next sale I found a couple boxes full of old Mason jars and glass bottles priced at $0.25 each. I found a big Brockway medicine bottle with measurement lines molded up one side of it. I also picked out 4 of the largest Mason jars in the box so I ended up with two Ball jars and two Drey jars. They’re wonderful for storing small finds, like game pieces, toys and dice just to name a few. They’re also great for storing Geocache finds.

weekend finds 4 May 2014

But my most exciting finds were my Christmas ones. I get just as excited in May as I do in December when I spy vintage Christmas, especially when it’s priced right. I found all of the items pictured below on the second day of the sale. First up is a spun head gnome or elf with a pipe cleaner body. He was the single item I wanted in a $0.25 Ziploc bag. I’m glad I looked closely through the bag though. weekend finds 2 May 2014

weekend finds May 2014

He is full of little details, like the crossbody pipe cleaner bag on his back.

Next I found these antique embossed clip-on candle holders. These can date back to the late 1800’s and were clipped onto the limbs of the Christmas trees to light them up before electric tree lights were available. I was trilled to pay $1.00 for this entire set. weekend finds 5 May 2014

weekend finds 7 May 2014

More detailing on the bottoms of the clips.

My last finds were complete with their original boxes. The tiny box of mercury glass ornaments only cost me $0.25. And to top things off an amazing mercury glass tree topper for $2.00! It’s very cool with 3 deep indents and white mica applied in the shape of trees and snow on the ground.weekend finds 8 May 2014

weekend finds 9 May 2014
weekend finds 11 May 2014
weekend finds 10 May 2014

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