Weekend Finds: Vintage Ken-A-Vision X1000 Microprojector

This past week and weekend was a drag for garage sales. There were hardly any and they all screamed “kids clothes galore!” And while I have a kid and do enjoy finding his clothes for quarters, I yearn for a sale with vintage items. Alas, none of the sales I went to panned out. Except for one that wasn’t open yet and I happened to walk by it and go up to it even though it had nothing that interested me: teen clothes, sports stuff and new furniture. All of a sudden the lady pulled this hulking piece of metal out of her house.

Ken-A-Vision Overall

She laughed and asked if I was interested. Um…yes? She said, get this, she received this as a white elephant gift. What?! Her dad and brother pulled it out of the basement of an old school that was throwing everything away and it ended up at her house for Christmas. She said she did turn it on after opening presents and used it a little and it was pretty cool for the kids. So I asked her how much for her white elephant gift.

$2. No joke. Two. Dollars. Of course I bought it.

Ken-A-Vision Detail Ken-A-Vision Detail Ken-A-Vision Detail

This is a vintage Ken-A-Vision X1000 microprojector. It projects what you’re magnifying on any flat surface. We projected chicken embryo slides on to the ceiling Friday night because we’re wild and crazy like that. It’s amazing. Apparently these are still in production, and new cost upwards of $600. I’m not quite sure of the age, but I know the newer model, the X1000-1 is from the 60s or 70s. Mine is old, heavy, dirty, a fantastic shade of blue and unfortunately missing the slide clips. We’ll see what we can do about that. It’s so sculpturally beautiful and enormous. My tiny 1940s office is having a hard time fitting its two foot frame somewhere safe. Maybe it is the elephant in my room!

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    I found one of these in a green color. Haven’t found much info other than the newer ones. Any idea if the color represents age? I found mine at an auction. They thought it was a type of antique eye Dr equipment.

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