Weekend Finds

Another weekend, another van-full of treasures for the Snag team. In typical fashion, the three of us headed out on the town very early Saturday morning with only one sale on our list—a tag sale. We love tag and estate sales for two reasons: volume and variety. When it comes to finding a range of interesting things, there’s no better place than an entire estate. You never know what you’ll find and that’s why we take them so seriously. In an attempt to be a little higher than normal on the sign-up sheet for entering the sale, we headed out at 6 AM for a sale that began at 8 AM. Worth it. Granted our numbers still began at 50, but it got us in during the “first wave” and allowed us to snag some great finds before they were gone or the room became too crowded to see them.

Angela struck out at the tag sale, but her fortunes came later in the day. Tammy found a darling bisque figurine perfume bottle from Germany. We haven’t researched it too much, but it probably dates from the turn of the last century to the 1920s. She also got her hands on a great framed print. The print is a chalk drawing of an outdoor scene. Its pewter-gold color carved frame is indicative of its 1920s origin. A great deal at just $15 for the pair.

Surprise! Pop the top and this little figurine reveals herself as a bottle.

1920s framed print

I, of course, scored the lion’s share at the sale. I had spied a lady head vase and a vintage mohair throw blanket in the front window before the sale. At number 53, I in no way expected them to be left by the time I got inside, but I left instructions for Angela or Tammy to grab them as they passed if they were still left. To my surprise I was able to grab the vase and Angela snagged the throw for me, it all went off like a well-planned bank heist—she didn’t even look back as she passed the blanket to me. As I swept toward the back I grabbed a Kodak Autographic bellows camera, an unusual Frankoma vase and a pair of Blenko glass candle holders.

Blenko candle holders, $6; Green Frankoma vase, $15; Lady head vase, $30; Scottish mohair throw, $8

The lady head was a good find. Although most head vases are collectible, my favorites (and the favorites of most collectors) are the matte-finished demure ladies such as this. She does have a small nick in the paint in her hair and her pearl earrings are missing (though they can easily be replaced) but both are outweighed by her delicate hand. Head vases with separate hands like this are more sought after because they are less common and break easily. But as lovely as she is, my favorite find of the day lay in wait for me in the back room… 

Bang and Olufsen Beomaster 3000-2 tuner/amplifier, Beogram 3000 turntable and Beovox speakers

A Bang and Olufsen stereo system! Ok, that probably doesn’t mean much to most of our readers, but for me it’s a find I’ve been in search of for awhile. B&O is a Danish manufacturer of high-end audio equipment. Their electronics from the 1960s through the 1980s were award-winning for design and quality, with gorgeous brushed aluminum and real rosewood veneered cabinetry. It’s a joy just to look at, I can’t wait to hear it. It’s a bit of a gamble though. I’ve no idea if it works and I already know the speakers need re-foaming to work properly. This could be a bust, but I don’t come across them too often (or ever) so I though I’d take the leap. I’ll let you know how things turn out.

Following the sale, we freestyled for a bit, hitting several garage sales and a thrift store. Following the high of a tag sale, we never expect to be impressed by much. Luckily for us, the rest of the morning shook out well. We found some really great treasures.

Pair of Drexel chairs, $70; Nightstand, $18; Matador oil painting, $10

Murano glass lamp, $5

Treasures that include this amazing 1960s living room. This cool little nightstand with rattan insets in the doors was a basement find at an estate sale earlier in the morning, but the greatest finds came later. As we were wrapping up our morning we found ourselves slowly driving by several sales without stopping. Finally we sailed past one last sale when Angela exclaimed “Did you see that lamp?” Already in the process of parking the car, I added, “Ummm, amazing giant Matador painting?” Angela scored this amazing blown Murano glass lamp for a mere $5. I’ve seen tons of Murano glass dishes, but this is the first lamp I’ve ever come across. The flecks of metallic gold in the glass are truly beautiful. By this point I had already shelled out $10 for the massive impasto Matador painting. Too cool for words. We ended our morning at a thrift store where Angela happened onto these lovely Drexel side chairs. Expensive and well made, these chairs are in excellent shape and will look super cute in her living room.

But wait, there’s more. Angela found a couple nice things to wear during the course of the day. The first is a polyester floral dress from the 1970s. A dingy collar came out like new after a hefty stain-lifting regimen and two hour soak in oxy clean. At the thrift store she came across this slightly patriotic yet fully awesome vintage silk dress.

Last but not least are these vintage tins. At the same sale where Angela found the green dress, I pulled these Band-Aid tins out of a box of junk. I immediately became nostalgic for my childhood when bandages still came in tin cans and everyone kept them to hold rogue nails, tacks and even marbles. I decided to buy them as more attractive and slightly cheeky holders for my bandages in the medicine cabinet. The good news is, they look cool in my bathroom. The bad news is most modern bandages are too long to fit in the vintage tins. It may be worth buying shorter bandages. Conversely, I didn’t feel like I needed a purpose to buy the spice tin. It’s already sitting atop my fridge.

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