Weekend of Camping Only!

What was supposed to be a weekend of roughing it in the wild, led me to some pretty fun finds. On our way out of town Friday around 3:30 p.m. I drove past a garage sale sign. I don’t know about you, but I have a super hard time driving past one and a simple trip to a store can end up taking an extra long time. I was glad I turned at the sign when I realized it wasn’t just one sale, but a neighborhood sale in a retirement community! And to add to my excitement I was early and the sales had been advertised to start at 4:00. I pulled in and started shopping. My first find was an old mason jar and these bright red cowboy bookends. The lady having the sale told me the Ball Mason jar had come from her husband’s family and the bookends had been hers as a child over 70 years ago. When she priced the bookends at $5.00 I couldn’t resist.


I was thrilled to have a few good finds behind me as I hurried on to the rest of the sales. They didn’t disappoint. My favorite find was hanging off to the side in a garage. She explained to me that she had taken them off of her family barn in Missouri before it was demolished.


She had strung these old lightning rod balls together years ago to display them. I took them off the rope to clean them up and put them on my lightning rods. They look wonderful. They are clear glass lightning rod balls that have turned purple from years in the sun. Here is a picture after getting them cleaned up. I still can’t believe I only paid sixteen dollars for all 4.


After these sales I was ready for a weekend of camping with no other sales in the forecast, that was until I discovered a citywide sale going on about fifteen minutes from our campsite. How could I resist? Saturday after a campfire breakfast my husband and I headed into the small town. The sales started Friday but I was able to find a few fun finds. A small pile of Christmas ornaments for $2.00. I love the variety of styles and shapes. From a bottle brush weath to a Western Germany clown ornament.





Finally, I snagged these vintage glasses for $0.25.


I guess my weekend of camping paid off in garage sale land!

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