We’re Baaaaack—and We’ve Got Something Huge

We’re back!! Our planned two or three week hiatus turned into four months. And it happened quickly. Like really quickly. Where that time went I don’t really don’t have any idea but I do know that we’re sorry we’ve kept you waiting so long and we’re happy to be back sharing our adventures. We’ve heard from so many of our wonderful readers asking for our return and we will not disappoint!

So, on our first post back, I thought it might be good to start with something huge. Literally.


Sometimes I see a posting for a piece of furniture and think, “Hmmm, ehhh, I don’t know. Maybe? I’ll see if it’s still there in a few days.” And other times I see a post, pee my pants, start frantically sending emails and making calls, pee my pants again, cry, and then obsessively check my phone until I hear a response. This couch was the latter. It had been posted for awhile before I saw it and it was only priced at $50, so I wasn’t expecting to even hear back from the seller. Surely it had been snapped up long before I even hit “send.”

Alas, the call did come and the couch was all mine. All 10.5 feet of it. I made the 40 mile trip armed with all sorts of straps and tie-downs to coax this beast into the back of my car. The sofa had lived its entire life in a wonderful mid-century modern home, still completely original inside and out. Despite its unchanged surroundings, at some point someone did decide to change the upholstery to the most hideous combination of fabrics imaginable.

IMG_8167So. Terrible. But for $50 you can’t ask for much. I tied this monster into the back of my car and headed off with it. When I got it home, curiosity got the better of me and I immediately began slashing open the ghastly fabric hoping for the original to still be underneath. Through a small hole, I got a glimpse of something green and wonderful.

IMG_8172Lo and behold, Oscar the Couch! The fabric was intact. Although it was a little faded, the buttons had been removed and the seat cushion did not have the original fabric, I thought it might be possible to save the original and pair it with a contrasting fabric to save upholstering the whole thing. Yeah, yeah. This could work. Or so I thought…


Womp, womp. Apparently the previous owner had slashed through the original fabric to gain access to the frame when they decided it would look better wrapped in curtains they stole from a nursing home. There can be no saving this now, it will have to be fully reupholstered. Still, I’m not too disappointed with my find. At less than $5 a foot, it was a pretty solid deal.

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